Submission Guidelines

Submissions are currently: CLOSED

Please note: We are currently only accepting manuscripts from UK based authors. Any author based outside of the UK will have their submission automatically declined.

If you’re not sure of the best way to format and layout your manuscript, Jericho Writers has a great article on manuscript presentation, which you can read here.

  • We are looking for full-length (around 60,000 words minimum), commercial genre fiction. We do not currently accept manuscripts for literary fiction.

  • We do not currently accept manuscripts with a lot of images. We also do not currently accept literary fiction or children’s books; this includes Young Adult (YA).

  • Please only submit a Word version of your manuscript. It’s much easier to for us to review than a PDF.
  • The file name should be the name of your book.

  • When it comes to pitching your book, please tell us in a few sentences what the book is about and make sure you attach your first three chapters to your submission.

  • We read everything that is submitted to us and aim to get back to you within 12 weeks. Due to the volume of submissions and the size of our team, we may not be able to give you a detailed response with editorial feedback. Our decisions are ultimately based on what will work for us commercially and how we can position your book in the marketplace.


Submission Process


Submit your manuscript to us as per the submission guidelines above.


We’ll review your manuscript and get back to you with a decision within 12 weeks. Please bear with us during busy periods.


Receive a decision via email. If we decide not to take on your manuscript, we endeavour to give you feedback as to why but this may not always be possible.


Will you edit my manuscript?

Yes, once your manuscript is accepted it will go through a rigorous editing process to make sure it’s the best read it can be. This includes a developmental edit as well as line and copy edits and proofreading.

Do I need an agent to submit to you?

No, we are more than happy to accept a manuscript from you directly. This is also known as an unsolicited submission.

Do you charge to publish my book?

Absolutely not. There aren’t any fees for publishing a book through a reputable publishing house. Anyone who asks for money from you is likely a vanity publisher.

Can I send you multiple manuscripts?

Of course! But please send them to us separately.

Please note if you submit several manuscripts to us that form a series in whole or part, we will make a decision once all manuscripts have been read. This will mean we’ll take longer than the usual 12 weeks to give you a decision.

How long until I hear about my submission?

We aim to respond with a decision within 12 weeks from submission. Due to the volume of submissions received, we may not be able to provide you with editorial feedback.

Will you make my book into an audiobook?

We will if we feel your book could do well as an audiobook. We’ll discuss this with you if we decide to accept your manuscript for publishing.

What do you do with my manuscript if I’m not successful?

Should you be unsuccessful with your manuscript, once we have sent you a decision we will then delete your manuscript and any other data we may have from you. We do not keep unsuccessful manuscripts on file.

Will you publish my book in print as well as an ebook?

Yes, we usually commission short initial print runs for our new titles, to ensure they’re available for bookshops to order. We also make all of our books available in Print-on-Demand format, so your readers will be able to buy them via all major online retailers – like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Do you accept manuscripts that have previously been self-published?

We are not currently accepting previously self-published work but this may change. We’ll announce any changes to this on our social media channels.

We also will not reach out to self-published authors who have not contacted us first.

Do you pay an advance?

We don’t pay our authors an advance but we do pay competitive royalty rates. These are paid quarterly with full sales reports provided. We pay an average royalty of 40% of publisher compensation for ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks.