The Life and Love (Attempts) of Kitty Cook by Helen Aitchison (Paperback)


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Kitty Cook may be a great school teacher, but learning the lessons of online dating is a harder subject than she first thought.

Finding herself alone again in her thirties, she decides to take her friend Sophie's advice and sign up for an online dating site. After recently leaving a failed five-year relationship, Kitty is hesitant to get her hopes up.

All she wants to do is graduate from the school of love, but will she ever find someone who will make the grade?

The Life and Love (Attempts) of Kitty Cook is an emotional yet heart-warming read that takes you on an unforgettable journey through the highs and lows of online dating and looking for love in your thirties.

What readers are saying about Helen Aitchison:

"Warm hearted and funny, a bit like a more street wise Maeve Binchey." - online reviewer

"Helen Aitchison draws out the beauty of the world, of the human spirit, and holds it firmly up above her head for all of us to see. Written with the most powerful words." - online reviewer

"Watch this space Helen Aitchison will be a household name in no time.. Can't wait for the next novel." - online reviewer

"I cried, I laughed, and I cried again. Adding Helen to my list of 'must buy as soon as they release a book' authors." - online reviewer

"I cannot wait for the next book this brilliant author has to offer." - online reviewer

"A talented author and a wonderful debut novel. I'm looking forward to her next book." - online reviewer

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