The Camel and the Butterfly by Michael Whitworth


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Sometimes, an unexpected rumour on social media can change everything...

Ninety-year-old Thomas Mirren has always been happy with his usual, quiet routine. But when the story came out in the local newspaper that Thomas Mirren was a fraud, his quiet life became a little more interesting. To everyone.

Ian is tasked with writing a story about a military imposter in order to keep his job at the paper but everyone in town knows Thomas is an old soldier; they see him every November in the parade. Everyone, that is, except the national war records. Ian is torn between keeping his job and disrupting a kind old man’s life for the sake of filling a page in the newspaper.

When Ian’s daughter is hospitalised in a hit and run, suddenly, he finds himself questioning what truly matters in life. Sure, Ian hates his boss but is the job worth keeping if it means ruining someone else’s life? Does it truly matter if Thomas never served?

If perception becomes reality, does the truth even matter anymore? Well, it matters to Thomas and it looks like his past is about to catch up with him.

The Camel and the Butterfly is a heart-warming story of love, friendship, and one man’s undeniable strength of character.

“An absolute gem” – Bobs and Books blog, Top books for 2021

“A gorgeous story” – melissa_reads_books review

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