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One to pop into the suitcase for your summer holiday reading! – Chat It’s Fate Magazine, August 2021

Chosen as book of the week in Pick Me Up! Magazine, September 2021

This is a police procedural without bells and whistles – instead it has black humour and regular trips to Greggs! – Crime Fiction Lovers

Daisy Chain is book 1 in the DCI Kath Fortune series of cold case crime novels:

In 2009 the body of five-year-old Daisy Prospero was found in Shropshire woodland. Her killer has never been caught.

Ten years on, Detective Chief Inspector Kath Fortune and her new Cold Case team are on the hunt to find the truth.

Alongside the new investigation into his daughter’s murder, Todd Prospero has his own mystery to solve. Who is the woman he finds in his garden in the middle of the night on the brink of death?

A chain of secrets and lies lead the team to uncover connections that no-one could have imagined. Can the killer be brought to justice?

Grave Issue is book 2 in the DCI Kath Fortune series of cold case crime novels:

Who killed Abraham and Esther Downing in the 1970s?

What is the significance of the seven tiny skeletons unearthed in the garden of Downing’s cottage?

And why does no-one care?

As DCI Kath Fortune and her cold case team deep dive into their second investigation, they come up against a wall of silence surrounding the reclusive couple. With Kath trying to piece together the clues and keep her personal and professional relationships on track, her past comes back to haunt her with time running out on all counts.

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