CDP signs novelist Lynne Hackles

Posted on 30/05/2022

CDP is pleased to announce that we’ve signed the latest novel by Lynne Hackles

Lynne, of Tenbury Wells, has had her latest fiction novel acquired by Cahill Davis Publishing. Lynne has been writing for many years and her short stories have appeared in women’s magazines in the UK and abroad. She has regular features in Writing Magazine and has had a children’s novel for pre-teens and four non-fiction books published. She has also ghosted a book. Lynne is a creative writing tutor for a correspondence course and has led workshops and given many talks.

‘Gail Lockwood and her Imaginary Agony Aunt’ is about a 50-something woman, Gail, who is made redundant and with her best friend, Dilys, decides to finally make a life to-do list and cross everything off. Gail’s eccentric mother, Pearl, and wayward daughter, Tamsin, are forever making a grab for Gail’s time, leaving her feeling like the meat in the middle of a sandwich. With the help of friends and an imaginary agony aunt, Gail manages to make a success of her life and discovers that the most unlikely man is the one she’s been looking for.

Lynne said about being published. “I’ve written rude greeting cards and silly advertisements, flirted with journalism, had hundreds of women’s magazine stories published. I’ve been a ghost writer. Actually, I have written everything except poetry and pornography. Having a novel published was a dream. This is my first novel. I am delighted to have achieved my dream.

Cassandra Davis of Cahill Davis Publishing said about the signing “Gail Lockwood and her Imaginary Agony Aunt is a wonderfully funny yet emotionally captivating book. You really feel for the main character, Gail, and by the end of the book you’re rooting for her! I’m looking forward to working with Lynne to get this book out.

Gail Lockwood and her Imaginary Agony Aunt will be released on 19th May 2023 and will be available in both paperback and eBook.

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