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We’re delighted to announce that Cahill Davis Publishing has signed a deal with Sarah Watts for World English rights for Sarah’s debut contemporary fiction novel, What Happened to Evie Del Rio?

Cassandra Davis of Cahill Davis Publishing said, “I was hooked on Sarah’s novel as soon as I started reading it. The characters draw you in and you want to keep reading to find out how they all fit together. By the time I’d read the full manuscript, I knew I had to make an offer for it!”

Sarah said, “I was both thrilled and delighted when I received an email from Cassandra at Cahill Davis Publishing saying that she was interested in publishing my book. To think that someone else had read my book and enjoyed it made the whole process of writing become a reality, rather than my characters simply still being inside my head! It’s a dream come true to have my book published and I can’t wait to have my own copy sitting alongside my favourite authors’ books on my own bookshelf.”

The story itself follows the comeback of an ageing rock star and his most famous song ‘Used to be’ but what happened to the girl he wrote it about? What happened to Evie Del Rio?

The book will be published in July 2022 in both paperback and ebook formats.