We’re delighted to announce that Cahill Davis Publishing has signed a deal with A.C. Hughes for World English rights for his debut fantasy trilogy, The Ghoulsmen Series.

Cassandra Davis of Cahill Davis Publishing said, “I was excited to read Alex’s submission as it caught my attention with its Dark Fantasy elements. I loved the first three chapters and then found out that Alex had written a follow up, with a planned third novel already. Once I’d read the full manuscript and the synopsis for the next two, I knew that this was a series I couldn’t pass on. I love Ghoulsmen’s original magic system and every twist and turn. Fans of The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson will love this series.”

Alex said, “Cahill Davis Publishing is everything I’ve been looking for in a publisher, and I’m delighted to be working with them. The Ghoulsmen Series now has a home where it will be nurtured by a team of passionate editors, designers, and marketers to bring out its fullest potential. I can’t wait for audiences to read it!”

Alex Hughes lived in Zambia until the age of six, before moving to England and the historic cathedral city of Canterbury. At 17 he was diagnosed with severe depression and left school to recover.

While recovering, Alex started reading novels from East Asia such as The Godsfall Chronicles, City of Sin and Divine Throne of Primordial Blood, which inspired him with fresh ideas from a different philosophical and cultural perspective. He put his imagination to the page and had written five novels by the age of 23, when he was accepted onto (and completed) the Faber Academy Submissions and Editing Course.

More about The Ghoulsmen Series:

Everything changed when the Sink appeared. Word quickly spread that this new land was filled with vicious monsters but also immeasurable riches and, unable to suppress their greed, the Barons gathered their armies and set off marching towards it. When the Barons’ supplies spoiled or their soldiers died fighting against their rivals during their travels, they pillaged from the small towns nearest to the Sink, stealing food and conscripting citizens.

Simple villagers were no match for trained warriors and, one by one, every town near the Sink either submitted or was razed. Every town except the small mining town of Pitt.

Nineteen-year-old Rav Carvell is the younger son of a prominent family living in Pitt. Troubled by his past, he spends his days out in Stone’s Way, protecting his home from invading soldiers as part of a bandit group led by his brother. Rav longs for a peaceful life with his family away from the fighting but doesn’t want to leave his beloved town. He is forced to set his personal troubles aside when a new army arrives, led by Champion Tibald Sar.

But Tibald’s not the only threat.

There are also signs of a monster in Stone’s Way. A mutant too terrifying for the Ghoulsmen to fight alone.

Their enemy may become their only hope for survival.

The first book in the Ghoulsmen Series will be published on 16th May 2025 in both paperback and ebook formats. In the meantime you can connect with Alexander over on Twitter here.