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Based between Newbury and Reading in Berkshire (UK), Cassandra Davis started her own independent publishing house at the end of lockdown.

Cahill Davis Publishing (CDP) was born from a love for books, stemming from the weekend trips to the library Cassandra took with her grandmother as a kid. Reading good books has always been a passion of Cassandra’s and she knows all too well the feeling of a hardback smashing into your face as you fall asleep reading in bed!

She wrote her first book in 2012 while she was working full time and knows the pitfalls of writing and self-publishing for authors. After connecting with many likeminded authors on social media, she realised that even with the rise in eBooks and self-publishing, there was still a need for a more traditional publishing house approach.

There are so many things to consider when self-publishing that marketing your book becomes a business in itself. You spend more time on admin than you do writing! Which is why at CDP, our aim is to combine the best of the traditional publishing house team approach with the advances in technology and the rise of social media. We’re here to make sure that you can find the perfect audience for your book, without needing to do everything yourself.

We’re aware of so called ‘vanity publishers’, where you pay to have your book published, and that they end up leaving authors with potentially hundreds of copies of their own book. The only sales for the authors being the copies they unknowingly bought themselves. We want all authors considering submitting to us to know that CDP is NOT a vanity publisher and will never charge you for any aspect of your book. We pay for the editing process, the cover design, the marketing of your book and everything in between. We don’t pay our authors advances but we do pay competitive royalty rates, paid out every quarter, with detailed sales reports.

With a formal background in business and social media marketing, but a passion for writing and publishing, Cassandra’s aim for CDP is to combine the traditional structure of a publishing house with the responsiveness and flexibility of digital publishing. CDP is currently looking for full length commercial fiction in English and is happy to receive submissions from authors from all backgrounds and without agents.

There are so many amazing stories out there, that not enough people get to read because the marketing of them doesn’t reach the right audience. Or they never make it off an editor’s to be read pile in the first place. We want to change that by creating a bespoke marketing plan for each and every book we publish, so your book finds the people who will love reading it.
— Cassandra Davis, Founder of Cahill Davis Publishing

What we’re looking for in submissions right now:

  • Literary fiction,

  • Contemporary fiction,

  • Crime fiction,

  • Psychological fiction/thriller,

  • Historical fiction,

  • Romantic fiction,

  • Romantic comedy,

  • Myths & fairy tales