Why choose Cahill Davis Publishing for your book?

Straightforward Digital Publishing

At CDP we believe that your book’s success is the culmination of 3 things:
  • A captivating story,
  • A polished cover,
  • An in-depth marketing strategy.

Successful publishing happens when authors and publishers work together to make a book the best it can be. We work with our authors to create a clear vision for each title and a bespoke plan for every stage of the process. Our involvement doesn’t end after the book launch party either. We publish a small number of books each year, as we like to be able to give each title the attention it deserves.


Our thorough editing process means your story will be the best read it can be. And we all know that raving fans mean more reviews, more recommendations and more sales.

Cover Creation

Eye catching design means readers will recognise and remember your books, long after they’ve read them. Your books will also stand out on bookshop shelves.

Marketing Strategy

Each book receives a bespoke marketing plan, including social media and local, regional and national media opportunities.


We don’t pay advances but our competitive royalty rates are paid quarterly, so you have a regular income. The average royalty rate for our authors is 40% of net receipts for ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks.

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Will you edit my manuscript?

Yes, once your manuscript is accepted it will go through a rigorous editing process to make sure it’s the best read it can be. This includes developments, line & copy and proofreading edits.

How long until I hear about my submission?

We use Query Tracker to manage our submissions so you’ll know that once you submit it to us, we’ve received it. We aim to respond with a decision within 12 weeks from submission. Due to the volume of submissions received, we may not always be able to respond with editorial feedback.

Can I send you multiple manuscripts?

Of course! But please send them to us separately.

Will you publish my book in print as well as an ebook?

We make all of our books available in Print-on-Demand format, so your readers will be able to buy them via all major online retailers – like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Do I need an agent to submit to you?

No, we are more than happy to accept a manuscript from you directly.